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Herbal Theory:
Beginner's Guide to

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine      
(15 Hours)

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Chinese herbal medicine is a highly effective treatment for many chronic diseases. Practicing herbs alongside acupuncture will greatly benefit your clinical outcomes and give you a distinct advantage in the complementary health field. Herbal therapy is essential if you wish to treat internal diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, allergies, migraine headaches and gynecological conditions, as well as dermatological conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne.

Between office visits for acupuncture or bodywork, herbal treatment can steadily work at restoring your patient to health. 

The herb theory course introduces the therapeutic categories of the Materia Medica and gives a comprehensive overview of its clinical applications. Representative case studies that illustrate the power of herbs will be presented. Students will be introduced to the classification of herbs according to taste, and the relationship of taste to medicinal action.  This will be illustrated by in-class tastings of some of the most famous herbs of TCM. Finally, the herb theory course will begin the process of reviewing the most essential aspect of practice: correct diagnosis and pattern differentiation. This review will be woven throughout the herb program, as we study pattern differentiation in relation to the individual herbs and classical formulas.

About the Instructor:


Adina Stanescu - R.TCMP

Adina received her acupuncture certificate from The Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1994 and a diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine from the Institute of Chinese Herbal Therapy in 1997. She also interned at the Longhua Hospital of TCM in Shanghai, China.

Adina has pursued post-graduate studies in dermatology, infertility, autoimmune and allergic diseases, as well as Motor Point Acupuncture. She runs a thriving private practice and writes regularly for various health publications, determined to educate the public on the comprehensive ability of TCM to effectively treat many of the most troubling health conditions of modern society.





Benefits of the Herbal Theory Course

The use of Chinese medicinal herbs is a major component of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is often practiced in combination with other modalities such as acupuncture and tuina.

This general interest course is open to those who have completed Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Students will learn about how Chinese herbs and herbal theory can effectively treat a variety of conditions ranging from dermatological conditions to gastrointestinal problems as well as managing the side effects of chemotherapy.

Course Accreditations  

Completion of the Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) course is required for admission to the course .

Acupuncture Graduates or students who have completed 50% of the program,  can apply the Herbal Theory Course towards a TCM Practitioner Diploma, making the Diploma that much easier to achieve.

Course Details:

Cost: $150.00 + hst

Prerequisites:  Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Course Dates: TBA

Registration: Please call 416.323.1818 ex.22 to register for this course.  Minimum enrolment is required to run this course.