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Curriculum: TCM Practitioner Diploma Program

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Entrance to the Program is open to Acupuncture Graduates.

Curriculum for the TCM Practitioner Diploma Program (800hrs)

Materia Medica
This course presents both an exhibition of Chinese herbal theory as well as identification, application and use of individual Chinese herbs.  Complementing the three main modules of herbal theory covered is a presentation of Chinese herbs employed clinically in combination with each other.  This provides a well rounded foundation for the study of herbal formulas as well as a basis for planning individualized and modified herbal prescriptions.

Classical Formulas
This course presents the major categories of Chinese herbal formulas and modification of formulas employed clinically.  Differentiation of the types and modifications of formulas adapted clinically and employed clinically in traditional Chinese herbal therapy will be studied in detail. 

Chinese Herbal Treatment of Disease
This course focuses on the most commonly seen diseases in internal medicine, including gynecology, dermatology and common complaints seen in clinical practice.  Students will learn how to identify and treat them using the ancient theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The course will consist of lectures, case studies and a wealth of knowledge from the instructor's own clinical experience.

Chinese Herbal Dispensary and Preparation
This course covers the safety considerations to prepare, process and store herbal medicines as well as general requirements in prescribing herbal formulas.  Students will also study western drugs and Chinese herbal interactions in order to ensure safe dispensary of Chinese herbal medicines.

Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture Clinic
The emphasis of the final section of this program is in the practical clinical application and prescribing of Chinese herbal medicine within a clinical setting.  Clinical practicum aims to provide a well-rounded exposure to the range and treatment of a variety of clinical patterns and conditions.