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Shiatsu Therapy Diploma Program: Instructors

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More than 25 health practitioners and professionals teach at the SSC. The following individuals are just some of those expert faculty who guide students within the Shiatsu Diploma Program.

Our faculty members are all highly qualified and experienced.  We select instructors not only for their clinical expertise, but also for their strong teaching skills.

All faculty at the SSC meet and/or exceed the required level of training stated under the Private Career College Act and all western sciences instructors hold a minimum of a Master's degree within their field of study.

We welcome you to explore your education options by auditing a class or two at no charge. Please contact our Admissions Department to discuss this option further.

We are looking forward to possibly meeting you in person in the near future.

DANIEL ADLER  R.Ac is a practitioner of zen shiatsu and acupuncture and holds diplomas in both disciplines. Starting in 1998 he began his studies in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. In 1999 he started what would become a 10 year training in zen shiatsu. During this time he learned how to both practice and teach zen shiatsu and TCM. He continues to develop his practice and is currently studying chinese herbal medicine. He is a member in good standing with the OAATCM and Zen Shiatsu Society of Canada. Daniel believes in the study and practice of shiatsu and TCM as  life practices which benefit both the patient and practitioner.














Reiki Master and 4th Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate

Leny began studying Shiatsu in 1985 and has been teaching since 1993. He is certified in Zen Shiatsu Therapy, Acupuncture, Chinese Tuina Massage & Reiki. Leny is a 4th Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate & has participated in a number of Zen meditation retreats. He has also taken many classes in Nature awareness & Philosophy at the tracker school in Asbury New Jersey. He has traveled to both China and Japan. His dedication to Shiatsu has led him to teach an integrated approach to Shiatsu called Earth Shiatsu® using the modalities of meditation, nature awareness, martial arts & healing, where the focus is on using the Ki of the Earth to send and receive. He practices at Clear Stream Clinic in Toronto.





lisa Dowling,BA., R. Ac.
Instructor of Shiatsu Practice, Shiatsu Stretching, Sotai, Auxillary Modalities & Student Clinic Supervisor
Lisa Dowling completed her honours diploma in shiatsu therapy at the Shiatsu School of Canada in 2001, and her diploma in Acupuncture at the Shiatsu School of Canada in 2007. Previous to this, Lisa majored in Psychology at York University and was always fascinated with the mind body connection.  She first experienced Asian Medicine in University, then went on to spend over a year working and studying in Asia. 

Since graduation from SSC, Lisa has maintained her own full-time practise for 10 years and has treated thousands of patients with a wide variety of health conditions.  Her clinical practise ranges from doing treatments in her own clinic, working at various sports medicine and naturopathic clinics to home and office visits as well as treatments within hospitals.

Lisa has also continued to study on an ongoing basis. She has taken specialized courses in treating Pregnancy, Fertility, Chronic Pain and Illness, in such modalities as Pilates, Movement Therapy, and of course Shiatsu and Acupuncture.  Lisa has studied with such instructors as Suzanne Yates, Ted Saito, Junji Mitsutani, Kiiko Matsumoto, and Frank Bach as well as doing an extensive apprenticeship in Japanese Medicine with Tak Tsurusaki.

Lisa has been teaching special topics of Shiatsu in Pregnancy and the Extra Meridians at the Shiatsu School of Canada for the past four years, as well as a beginner shiatsu course at the University of Toronto Hart House for the past six years.  Lisa also organized and ran her own courses in partner shiatsu, and has been teaching pilates and conscious movement classes for the last ten years.

 Lori Eisler, BFA, RMT
Instructor of Shiatsu Treatment
Lori Eisler, is a certified Shiatsu therapist who teaches Shiatsu in the full-time diploma program and instructs Shiatsu treatment at the Shiatsu School of Canada.

Lori received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University. She is also a graduate of the Shiatsu School of Canada (1991) and a practicing Certified Shiatsu Therapist. Over the past 20 years Lori has been in private practice. She has also adapted her skills to the workplace providing treatments and seminars on relaxation.  Her former modern dance career and her continuing education and involvement in dance, yoga and Zen Shiatsu exercise are integrated into her classes.







drazen Krivokuca  R. Ac    


Graduated from the Shiatsu Diploma Program in 2007. Drazen also completed his studies in Reflexology at the Ontario College of Reflexology in 1999. He provides relaxing shiatsu, cupping, moxa and acupuncture treatments which can include effective reflexology techniques, promoting circulation and well being. Drazen completed  acupuncture training at the Shiatsu School of Canada’s Acupuncture Institute, allowing him to provide harmonizing combination treatments of shiatsu, acupuncture and reflexology.






Chai Lien LeE, Medical Doctor (Foreign Trained)
Director of Bio Sciences & Instructor of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology (Foundational Sciences) & Public Health
Chai Lien graduated from the University of Bombay in India in 1976 with an MBBS (medical) degree. She completed a Master of Science degree in human anatomy in 1982. Her 30 years of teaching experience includes teaching to students in medicine, dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and audio-speech therapy, as well as shiatsu and acupuncture.

CARLOS PRANIAUSKAS, Dipl.ST, MQP (Medical Qi Gong Practitioner)
Instructor of Medical Qi Gong

Carlos Praniauskas completed the 2200 hour Shiatsu Therapy Diploma Program at the Shiatsu School of Canada in 1988.

He became a Shiatsu Instructor at the Shiatsu School of Canada in 1990 and 3 years later Clinic Supervisor. His excellent communication skills and extensive knowledge within the field of Shiatsu therapy, created a wonderful learning environment for shiatsu students.

Carlos has devoted his life to the continuously expanding his knowledge within the field of Shiatsu Therapy. Carlos chose to refine his technique by learning other forms of Shiatsu Therapy by attending seminars on Seiki Therapy under Master Aklinobu Kishi as well as Tao Shiatsu under Master Ryokyu Endo, Toru Namikoshi, Kiiko Matsumoto, Honora Lee Wolfe. He continued to work alongside leaders in the Shiatsu field; individuals such as Tetsuro Saito who introduced Shiatsu to Canada and Kaz Kamiya, founder of the Shiatsu School of Canada.

Carlos first studied Qigong under Dr. Zaimen Shen from 1987 to 1990, later on with Master Wu. He also studied Qigong at the Acupuncture and Integrated Medical College in Berkeley, California where he received his certification as a Medical Qigong Practitioner in 2006. This form of moving mediation exercise has proven to help reduce therapist burn out and increases overall health, flexibility and wellbeing. Qi Gong  is an important component to any healthy practice for both client and therapist.

The incorporation of Qigong to the Shiatsu practice allows the practitioner/individual the chance to connect to a deeper energetic level, elevating the effectiveness of the treatments. Qigong not only helps physical complaints but also helps to release deep emotional blockages or trauma.

He currently operates his own Shiatsu and Qigong Practice in Toronto and has done so since 1988.



Shiatsu & Acupuncture Clinic Supervisor, Meridian Stretching/Shiatsu Practice
Julian Yates graduated from the SSC's Shiatsu Therapy Program in 2004 and began practicing immediately in the School's professional clinic, Ki on College. He also supervises the Shiatsu school's student clinic helping to shape next year's therapists while feeding back into the clinic that shaped him into the professional he is today. Always keen to further his ability to help those in pain, Julian went on to complete the  Acupuncture Program at the Shiatsu School of Canada in 2008 and now intergrades it into his Shiatsu sessions.